Everyday-life at Mullnäset


This year Alex got a new toy!!! An ATV-GOES 520 MAX and a timber-wagon, Boys WILL be boys!


Once again Alex's father is helping us with the wood. This time we have some better equippment!


Kirsten is a bit of a flower-freak. She turned the small balkony into a botanical garden!


Cooking coffee in a can!


Before the hunting season many things needed to be fixed and repaired. Here our Guru and hunting-leader; Ingvar Lantz (who own the area we go hunting in) and Kirsten are building a new post to sit on, waiting for the moose to arrive and stand in a possition, were a shot is possible.


Done!.. And it seemed OK! On Kirstens lapp is Ingvars huntingdog, a "jämthund" called Eira. We have started to use our young boy Madsen as a hunting dog together with Eira. This team performed rather well, besides the fact, that they were both young an unexperienced.


This little boy stayed for a long time behind the house. Apperrently the food was good there. Unfortunately he decided to leave before the huntingseason started in september!.....DAMNED!!!


Here Kirsten is building a new kennelrun, Grizly & Co. are supervising the projekt.

It may not be the worlds largest pike, but it did put up a good fight and it tasted very good made into fried meatballs

In the summertime it is nessecary to cut up woods for the winthertime, it can be below -35 degrees celcius

Backpacking in the nearby mountains is one of Kirstens favorite activities in the summertime
(Well...this also includes the dogs ;-D)

Alex has got a lot of duties ;-)), in the winthertime he is in charge of getting rid of the snow.
This year in october we had 1,2 meters in only 4 days. Thank god for our self-going snowblizzard from Stiga.

But there are also pleasures, we both like to ride the snowmobiles.
Here Alex is "playing"with the old Yamaha ET400 from 1991. (Boys WILL be boys)

Here we were out on a trip on our skoter; Lynx Forest Fox 2002.
This is a view out over the surrounding areas. In this part of Scandinavia there is  from 0-20 inhabitans per square km.