Beaver Trap Trail 2009

In the beautyfull hights on the border to Lapland dogmushers gather every year for the traditional dogracingevent: Beaver Trap Trail. It is a tree-day-event in week 13, were dogteams of all kinds are starting out from the small village; Norråker.
The first leg on 40-46 km. takes the teams into the wild beauty of "Saxvattnet". Here in app. 550 m. above the sea a camp is made at the frozen shoreline of one of many lakes in the area. Ofcause this require that the mushers pack their sleds with everything nessecary for surviving in theese part of the world at this time a year, were the temperature easily can drop belove minus 25 degrees Celcius.

Photo nr.1 A glimpse at the startingarea


Photo nr.2; Gunnilla starting out with her team of 8 alaskan huskies


Photo nr.3: Gösta Karlberg


Photo nr.4

The following day the next leg on 50 km. is taking the dogteams even deeper into the mountains of Northern Jämtland. In the evening we gather arround the campfires to share experiences and tips. On the stake-outs, beneath the frozen stars, dogs are sleeping. From time to time they lift their voices, and join each other in a long sorrowfull serenade. Here are all types of sleddogs; Siberian Huskies, greenland dogs, alaskan malamutes and alaskans. Many huntingdogs are beeing used as sleddogs because of their speed and eager to run.

Photo nr.5; Here I am on the first leg with Madsen and Imelda. Behind me is a participant from Schwitzerland.


Photo nr. 6 & 7; Here we are crossing some small lakes in 500 - 600 m above the seaside. It was rather cold upp here.


Phot nr. 8; From time to time I stopped to make the dogs drink water and eat snacks with a high ammount of fat.


Photo nr. 9 and 10; One of the germans are going out on leg 2, while I am making bacon and eggs for breakfirst.

On day tree the last leg on 40 km. takes us back to Norråker. On the third day another leg has been started at six o'clock from the center of the village of Norråker. Here mushers will take their teams out on a 100 km tour, that will bring them past the camp in Saxvattnet. All the dogteams will eventually cross the finishingline in the center of Norråker, were a local market is being held at the same day. Team after team, large or small, is welcomed by citicens and visitors at the marketplace. And in the evening mushers, sponsors and officials are having a banquet at the local restaurant; cafe "Utposten". Many nationallities are represented at BTT. This year mushers came from 8 different countries of Europe.

Photo nr. 11; one of the 100-km teams after 80 km. heading back towards Norråker.


Photo nr. 12; Me and my team at the same place, but with a little less speed!

If You want to participate in this event, you can inlist eigther in the competitionclass or in the tour-class. We chosed the tour-clase because we were the only malamutes and because we only did the Beaver Trap Trail with 2 dogs infront of the sled. It is a wonderfull way of learning to camp with your dogs and to see what their potentials are. And You do not need to drive them all tree days. We let our dogs get their rest at day two. After all, it is quite some distance for two dogs and a sled with equippment  for camping at winthertime. As You can see at the photos, Madsen showed how little impressed he was by lifting his leg and peeing at the finishingline. Was I embarrassed???

Photo nr. 13 & 14; at last we were crossing the finnishingline

We can only recommend that You try this, the atmosphere is fantastic as is the beauty of the landscape. Many thanks goes to the people who started it all and who are working hard to make it possible; Richard and Lena Harrysson, Göran och Jörgen and the people in Norråker. We allready now has planned for what we will be doing next year in week 13; BTT !!!

See more photos from Beaver Trap Trail 2009 on the following pages, the photos are numbered because, I do not know the names of all mushers and people. Can You help me out here, please write me the names of the persons on the photos. All photos are taken by my husband; Alex Poulsen.

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