Our wedding 22/06 2008


The Beautyfull flowers Kirsten carried at the wedding, were all picked in the nature surrounding our home at Mullnäset. The orchids were a speciel gift from our dear friend; Ingvar. He has become our closest relative up here.

The wedding was a real nature-event. It took place right outside our house, here in the great nordic woods at the old fireplace. At this place people at Mullnäset has been cooking the special "mese", and drinking coffee for centuries. And it was here we both found freedom and happyness in the nature we both love so much.

We did not have any priest, nor did we have a judge or a politician to perform the weddingcerimony. We don't trust any of such people ;-))
No, it was the local tourist-maneger at Strömsunds community that performed our weddingcerimony. It was precisly like we wanted it to be: natural and with out any stiff traditions. Offcause we were both dressed in clothes from Norröna, Lundhags, Haglöffs and Fjällräven. Not cheaper than ordinary wedding-clothings, but surely a lot more practical to were after the wedding.


Yepp! We do! Bill Pettersson just popped the big question


Just married!


Here are all the guests and us including  the tourist-maneger; Bill Pettersson, who performed the wedding, and the photografer and Alex's good friend since childhood; Michael Toft. It was Michael, who took most of the photos from the wedding, including the past tree ones on this page. Michael is,- like the large majority of the guests, very interested in both birdwaching and spending time in the nature. Starting from the top left the guest are:

Evy and louis Liljadahl, kennel Mackinaw, Storuman
Mildred and Ingvar, our swedish relatives and very close friends
Bill Pettersson, touristmaneger
Martin Drechsler, Alex's stepfather who is holding our dachshound; Laika
Harald Lindgren, bankmaneger in Hammerdal
Michael Toft, photografer and Alex's good friend
Hannes Lindgren, son of Harald and Helen and one of our pupils at school
Sitting in the middel is Anna-Lena Nilsson, a college from school
Minna Drechsler, Alex stepmother
Helen Lindgren, a college from the school, married to Harald
Sanna Lindgren, sister to hannes and one of our previous pupils.
Alex and Kirsten Poulsen

Before and after the cerimony, we had sandwiches, cookies and champaigne. Then we went for a walk to show the surroundigs to our guests. We went to the nearby lake with the little cabin, owned by Ingvar. Offcause we brought both binoculars and spottingscopes just in case a rare bird or an animal should appear on our way ;-))

In the evening we fired up a coupple of barbeques, and the guests had to prepare their own food. Well, not all the food, just the meat, wich was delicious pieces from moose, reindear and beef. We had made different types of sallad, pies and baked potatoes with different sauces. I also served homebaked olive-flutes and for dessert: ice-surprise made on "After eigth chocolat". In the evening Alex played the guitar and we talked and had a good time. Let me here say Thank You ever so much to our guests and to the peole who helped us make this day unforgettable and to the people who send their best wishes and gifts even they live so far away.


Time for sweets and champaigne


Ingvar is opening a bottle of champaigne