Kalamals Dancing To The Rhythm
"A cooperation between kennels"


Breeder: Julie & Eric Kalamaja    Owner: Louis Liljedahl & Alex Poulsen    Hips: EXELENT    Elbows: NORMAL    Eyes: 2 X Cerf'ed free
Dancer is a very well build Alaskan Malamute. He is just little above the average standardsize. He has a perfect sissors bite and wondefull movements. He has allready been thought to work in a team of 4 dogs as wheeler and Louis has been skiijorring with him as well. Even so the breedingrigths is shared between Kennel Mackinaw and kennel Mihakias, he lives in Kaskeluokt with Louis and Evy Liljedahl, who has become as close as relatives to us.

Dancer came home to us january 2010. We; Alex and Kirsten, picked him up in Washington, were we had the pleasure of meeting up with Julie Kalamaja, Harold & Lois Schwartzapfel and their daugther Paula Henkins.

Kirsten, Harold and Alex

We are very pleased with this friendly and beautyfull boy, and we hope and belive, that he wil bring a lot of good to both kennel Mackinaw and kennel Mihakias. When Evy and Kirsten was in Virginia june 2009, we got the opportunity to get him, and we simply couldn't say no to him. So the idea was born; Why not do this in a joint-venture; the kalamals kennels, kennel Mackinaw and kennel Mihakias? So it was determinded, and we: Evy and Kirsten called our husbands and told them about our decision!
Our plans is to breed Dancer to Mihakias Dizzy Miss Lizzy summer 2010, and to breed him with Uyak Kalamals Arapaho Anna 2011 or 2012.
See the photos from our trip to the USA in January 2010. We stayed at the Marriott hotel in Washington. A very VERY fancy place with every kind of luxury, You could ask for.

Kirsten, Dancer & his breeder; Julie Kalamaja

Kirsten, Paula, Dancer & Harold

Evy, Dancer & Kirsten

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