Fäboddraget 2009

This year we participated with Madsen and Imelda in the traditional dog-mushing-event: Fäboddraget, a very recommendable race to be a part of for several reasons. First it has a speciel warm atmosphere, here people are gathering no matter what kind of dogs You are driving. Everyone is very helpfull and You feel welcome at once. Secondly it is located in some very beautyfull parts of Sweden, and the terrain is not too difficult if You are a "newbee", You can choose between going 2 X 15 km. or 2 X 30 km. I did 2 X 30 km.
This year it was the 45.th time the race took place. Ofcause I brought my camera as well, and except from the photo of my self on the sled, I made all the photos. Enjoy a few glimpse from the Fäboddrag 2009.


On the road to Rosentorp all the cars are parked in one side of the road. The startingarea is 100 m beside the road. Here mushers of all kind are preparing for the race; watering the dogs, walking them and exchanging tips with other mushers.

50 m. from the road, the officials and the people arranging the race have sat upp tents and tables for prices. Here You can buy something to eat and drink and if You are in need of a special part for Your harness or Your sled, You have a good chance of finding it here along with different souvenirs.

All over the starting area sleds are being tied to trees as a preparation for the traditional mass-start. Everyone in the same class is starting at the same time racing their team to be the first out on the track, that will take them on a sightseeing-tour on 15 or 30 km. in the beautyfull landscapes of Koppången.

-And of they go!! The air that just one millisecond ago was an inferno of huskies barking and screeming from eager to run suddently tell the silent tale of dogs doing what they love above all things: RUNNING!!

The dogs are the primadonnas of every dogracingevent. Were else is there such wild beauty to be found if not in the eyes of a sleddog, -nomatter what breed it is. Here a Siberian Husky, Alelunds Cazzandra, is gazing at me through a broken branch. If I had only the time and the dogkennels I would have all kind of sleddogs. Every type has its one beauty; The sibes have a certain grace the malamutes and the greenland dogs never could accomplish. And the greenland dogs and the malamutes have a power beyond any husky, then there are the samojedes, wich are just as cute as teddybears. And even I am a breeder of purebred Alaskan malamutes I cannot help admireing the wilderness and the speed in the "crazy" eyes of an alaskan. Sleddogs, -I just love them all nomatter what kind they are.


Not all dogs took part in the race. This young siberian husky, Eskipot Trail's Akja, from Heidiburghs kennel was not especially impressed by the large ammount of dogs and people. She just gazed arround on all the fuzz going on everywere. The gentleman next to her is a dachshound. On this photo he was quiet... But not for long. He was very buzzy yelling "faggot" at every sleddog not showing him complete submission. (Wich is something sleddogs has very large difficulties showing "small snacks" like him")


Here I am comming accross the finishing line (Photo: Petter Hillborg) - and after the race Imelda found it very good the enter mom's bed and get a chewiebone!

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