Løvehjertes Iris alias "Laika"

Tuesday morning the 2/6 2009 at 8.00 we had to say forever goodbye to our little Laika. In Alex's arms she was put to sleep. Her tired little heart and body had lost the final fight against time and the heartdisease she was suffering from. She became 11 years old, and this was the only battle she ever lost. (-after her own oppinion!)

Laika was born 1998 in Denmark at kennel Løvehjerte, that means "Lionheart". And in many ways she was a true lion ;-))
She belived, she was the boss of all the dogs, and it has happened, that she has attacked one of the malamutes. Thank god we were quick enough to avoid any serious damage -to any of the dogs.

A dachshound is bred for hunting foxes out of their caves deep under the ground. That means they are in need of great courrage and determination, they actually are more stubborn and tough in many ways than any of our malamutes. Laika had plenty of it all. But she was also a loveable pet, that loved to lie close next to us in the bed and be petted all day and nigth.

Dear little fighter, rest in peace -we will never forget You.




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