Visitors from Denmark

In week 10 our house was invated from the far south: Dear mala-friends from kennel  Alaskans Miqila came here together with  their mala-friends for a week with dogsledding, campfires, icefishing and several other things connected to our way of living up here in the "wilderness". One of our friends, a local hunter, held a class in how to make traps to catch grouses. They also learned to drive our snowmobile and to skijore after their dogs.

We belive -and we hope they had just the vacation, they came for. It is always a pleasure to have old mala-friends visiting us with their dogs. In our everyday life, there is little opportunity for being social with other people. That's how we like it, smalltalk with neighbours etc. has never ment a lot to us. The reason we moved here, was the solitude and the wild nature and the dogs. But when we have vacation, it is nice to have good friends staying with us for a longer time. Friends who share the same crazy values and humoristic sense, as we do. Old mala-friends are ALWAYS welcome to stay with us for a while.

Enjoy the fotos from our latest winthervacation together with Morten and Line and their kids: Nicklas and Aja, their puppybuyers and friends: Morten and Kristina and our dear friend from earlier vacations: Stefan, who is to become a future malamuteowner.

Morten and Morten getting their "kicks" by driving our Lynx Forest Fox

Alex and Stefan learning to make a trap instructed by Ingvar, our local hunterfriend.

Aja, Morten and Morten are icefishing, while Nicklas are enjoying a ride on the "fox"

Left: Kirsten making a speciel local meny: Kolbullar. Right: Kirsten, Morten, Line, Morten and Kristina around the fire

Alex is giving instructions to kristina about how to drive the Lynx