W E L C O M E   H O M E   A N N A!

Uyak Kalamals Arapaho Anna has safely arrived to her new home in northern Sweden. The litte rascal had a long trip ahead of her, when we started out from Kalamals kennel in Pilot VA. We had rented a car in Vienna, a small suburban area to Washington, and the drive took 6-7 hours incl. rests. In Vienna we stayed the night at the stepdaugther to Evy Liljedahl, who had been my travellingpartner at the journey. In that way, Anna had a chance of setling down before the 8½ hour flight to Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen we were picked up by my husband and together with a mutual friend: Stefan Daugaard, we continued our Odyssé against the far north. The first friend Anna has got in her new home is Hopi Points Grizly Bear. New photos will come real soon, but just right now, I am recovering from jetlag and a bad cold. Anna looks to be very happy with her new friend, and he is very patient with her rather childlish behavior. She wants to play and paws him all the time ;-)


Anna chasing her brother Abe at the Kalamals Kennels


Annas father Uyak Nike Nikolas in summercoat, a very charming fellow with a tremendous ammount of energi.


Jake and Julie Kalamaja, who has become a very good friend. Julie I will miss You over here!


Kalamals Dancing To the Rythem, a wonderfull and very sweet boy, that (I still can't belive this!) will be ours as soon as his hips, elbows and eyes have been examined and approved for breeding. So watch up for this guy! Soon he will be here too!


Eric and Julie & the tree "Iron-ladies" infront of the Stars 'n Stribes


Evy and her stepdaughter and Anna + me walking Anna when we got to Sweden.


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