Our house and kennel....

Two photos of our house, a 150 year old wodden-cabin on 200 squaremeters.


Constructing the first part of our new kennel. Another kennelrun on 100 squaremeters is on the drawingboard together with a big fenched area for guestdogs. A lot of our puppybuyers and mala-friends from southern Sweden and Denmark come up here during the winthertime to train their dogs and have a good time in the snow. It is great fun, but needs a lot of constructing. We donīt want to have dogs on stake-out if we can avoid it. Our dogs are used to be able to run freely around, and that they cannot do, if we have forreing dogs chained all over the place.

A view at the surroundigs with the old barn

Because we live so isolated with no neighbors and 10 km dirtroad to the nearest larger road, our dogs are used to run freey together with us. They really enjoy theese opportunities of being free dogs. When they are alone or not together with us, they are offcourse in a fenched area, with no more than to dogs in each kennelrun. We plan to build a large fench going all arround the hous and the 10000 squaremeters of land we own arround our old timbercabin. But we have only lived here 1― year, and things take time we have discovered.