On this page You can see some of the photos we took on our trips in the mountains surrounding Rödingsfjället. We have been up theese mountains tree times and we haven´t made all the photos we would like to.
In this area there is an interesting fauna and a flora, wich contains different orchids, amongst those an endemic specie, the "Brudkulla", wich is a crossing between two others: "Brunkullan" and "Brudsporen".

Brudkulla - Gymnadenia conopsea x nigra
- hybrid out of Brudsporre - Gymnadenia conopsea var conopsea X Brunkulla Gymnadenia nigra ssp nigra


Fjällripa - Lagopus mutus


Isranunkel - Ranunculus glacialis


Tätort - Pinguicula vulgaris