Storm Of Hopi Point X Czarik's Ashanti

This was our first litter, the one to start it all. Ashanti was our foundationbitch, and though she has turned out to be one of the most winning malamutes in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, she was not what we prefered in type regarding her exterior. She was a typical Scandinavian malamute out of old danish lines, meaning: her head was too long and narrow, her ears was too big and she had a tendency of a soft topline, and I would like her legs to be more powerfull, but....

She also had a very powerfull body with a deep chest, marvelous gait and a perfect bite and tailcarrying. And she simply had "IT" in the showring, once she won over most of the topwinning championmales and females in Denmark and she was BOB several times in her life. In "Tacoma" (Storm Of Hopi Point) we hoped to find something that could improve her type into something with more powerfull legs and a broader scull and smaller ears.

Ajax was the result of this our first outcross. In Ajax we manege to improve eveything we wanted, but still there was along way to go, and there still is. The perfect dog will never be born.


Ajax at 7 weeks of age and her sister April 1 y.o.