Williwaw Anakin Skywalker X Mihakias Millenium Aja's Girl Ajax

In the spring 2003 we bred Ajax to the USA-import Williwaw Anakin Skywalker, bred by Al and Mary Hollabach and Owned by Karsten Schmidt in Denmark. We liked Anain in pertikulary because of his fine proportions and nice dispositions. The two dogs are both free from any inherrited eyeanomalities and are exrayed in both hips and elbows with the same results hips: A and elbows: 0. Ajax has don the swedish polardogtest1 on 2 x 30 km.
Ajax gave birth to her first litter 11th of june 2003, a large litter of two girls and seven boys. She was a devoted mother, who immediately knew how to take care of her puppies. She has allways been very very protective about her puppies, her being an exelent mother didnīt make it easier for the vet to examin them. She wouldnīt let him near them at all ;-))
This litter was a very unique litter, all the puppies were soooo alike, it was very difficult to sort out wich pup that had received deworming and wich who hadnīt. I had to paint them on their backs with nailpolish to tell the different between them.




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