Uyak Aleut Alex X Mihakias Millenium Aja's Girl Ajax

In the winther 2003 we inseminated Ajax with frozen semen from the studdog Uyak Aleut Alex, bred by Harold B. Schwartzapfel and owned by Joanne C. Watkins, Snowlion kennels. Both Alex and Ajax is free from any inherrited eyeanomalities, Alex is exelent in hips and Ajax is A in hips and 0 in elbows. Both Ajax and Alex has prooved their value as workingdogs.

We hoped to get at least one puppy out of this combination,since it is known to be difficult to inseminat northern breeds. The insemination was performed by Veterinarian Birgitte Schjøtt at the Canicold facillity in Denmark and resulted in not less than FOUR wonderfull puppies, one sable and tree reds.
We kept one of the red girls for further breeding: Mihakias Dizzy Miss Lizzy. 



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