Mackinaw Masterbrew X Mihakias Dizzy Miss Lizzy

This litter was born august 2008, and gave us 6 very nice puppies; 3 girls and 3 boys. The puppies has been spread over several countries in Europe: 1 boy went to Slovenia, 1 girl went to Italy, another girl went to Norway, the rest stayed in Sweden. From this litter we kept one boy our selves: Mihakias Chrome Silver.
Madsen is a very impressive dog with a very fine disposition and the heart for running. He runs both doubble and singlelead and is so absolutely the best of our sleddogs. He is ofcause examinated in both hips, elbows and eyes. And so is Mihakias Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Both dogs have the same health-status: Hips: AA    Elbows: 00    Eyes found free of any eyeanomalities.

 Click here to follow the welping and the newborn babies!

Madsen is 69 cm and weighs app 43 kg

Mihakias Dizzy Miss Lizzy, here winning BIS in the show in Strömsund 2007, she is a large female.
Heigth: 65 cm and weighing app. 37 kg.