The FENDER-litter

About the names...
In this litter the puppies will all be given names, that relate to the colors of the famous guitar-brand. Alex is a notorious guitarplayer and has several guitars; among them a Fender Telecaster, a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender P-base limited eddition. This is not the first litter, where the names has a musical background. Our puppies in our previous litter all had names, that honnored Mark Knoppfler, one of the worlds greatest guitarplayers in our oppinion. Hehe... When we get to the letter "S", we probably will have a "Santana"-litter! Are You also interested in guitars besides alaskan malamutes, take a closer look at the Fender Guitars.

Delivery-day minus 5...
Dizzy is 97 cm arround her Belly. We both see the puppies kicking inside her and I have heard their little hearts beat!

D-day minus 3.....
F... ! I've got the flue! For a coupple of days I have felt really bad in every part of my body. And now I have to face it: I'm sick as a skunk!
Dizzy is doing fine, she now meassures 99 cm arround her belly. Her appetite is decreasing, and she is very calm, -waiting...

D-DAY !!! puppy arrived into this world, it is a babygirl on 773 g. A big one to begin with (But we like the big ones, right  Marija?, I know You are following everything we are doing :-D)

Here are the first photo of the first puppy!

Hehe.. number two has just arrived, Marija, hang on: A boy -grey, BIG; 762g. I was affraid she had 12 puppies, so big was she. But the pups are simply huge!. Pics will come as soon as I can get them on the pc.

Jepp, here are no. two:  grey boy, 762 g

03.15 arrived the third puppy, a boy, grey, 744 g

Next little boy came into this world at 04.20 (why does it ALLWAYS have to be in the middle of the night?). So far he is the smalest, he "only" has a birthweight on 601 g. This boy was also agrey one.
At 05.00 a big black and white girl weighing 695 g. was born. So she has been quite bussy my darling-Dizzy. Actually it has been a very hard night for me. I've got the flue, has a hard time breathing, my head is hurting and I feel pretty sorry for my self. Monday I've got to see a doctor. But who can worry about such little problems, when a litter of malamonsters are being born?

Here they are; 3 boys and two girls

Ok, I thought that was it, but now I don't know anymore. A while ago, tree hours after the last little seal-girl came into the world, another little girl was born. She is grey and white and weighs 683g. Pics will come as soon as possible. So now it is 3 boys and 3 girls. average weight: 710g!!!

Yes! 6 it was. The vet has just left us. They were here just to check that everything is ok with both mother and children.

Puppies 2 days old
Puppies, -one week old
Puppies, -the second week
Puppies_week 3
Puppies week 4
Puppies week 5 - time of terror!
Puppies week 6

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Mihakias Fender Black Cherry Burst
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Mihakias Fender Vintage Blonde
Mihakias Fender Chrome Silver

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