The second week!

At day 9 the first two puppies had opened their eyes, now late at day 10 all of the puppies have their eyes opened. The last two days we have seen a remarkable change in behavior-patterns. Before the eyes became open, the puppies had only a few behavior-patterns, typically for the neonatal period of a puppys life. They were focused on sucking their mothers brest, and they could do very little besides crawling ahead, wawing their heads from side to side. Most of the time they were sleeping.

Now they have reacted to visual contacts and are walking. They have also become more awake and active. and they have  started to paw and mouthing the other pups. The next week in their lifes is referred to as the transition period. Soon they will have opened their ears, and the period of socialisation has begun.

4 grey puppies: Silver, Gunner, Icy, Blondei


Mihakias Fender Gun Metal Blue alias "Gunner"


Blackie & Blondie

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