On this page You will be able to follow the growht and the social and mentally development of our puppies. We weigh the puppie every day, to see how they gain weight . We have done this with all our puppies (I guess it is a sideeffect of being a teacher in biology and mathematics), and it is nice to have a statistical material to compare with, if somethings are not going, as it is soposed to.

About the development of social behavior, we use references from the following two books, wich are highly reccomendable, if You want to do a little more seriously studying of aspects of dog-behavior:
"Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog" by John Paul Scott and John L. Fuller (ISBN 0226743381)
"The Domestic Dog -its evolution, behavior and interactions with people" by James Serpell (ISBN 0521415292)

The figures below shows the puppies weight in kg and the percentual growht from each time the puppies has been on the weight.

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