Winther 2008-2009

This winther we lost our dear Billy, but in the other hand it seems that Dizzy has overcome her accident 2 years ago, and has found her old heart for running again. So far she has performed very well even as a leaddog. She was involved in an accident, that made her affraid of the pull in her neckline. She didn't pay any attention to the harness, but the feeling of being dragged in the neckline apperently has given her bad assosiations. I am very happy that she seems to have overcome it. She is a very VERY strong dog, that usually is able to do all the working alone! But see for Your self how they are enjoying the snow. 

See also new photos from a local small dog-racingevent: Jämtdraget 2009 arranged by the Swedish Alaskan Malamute Club, wich is a part of the Swedish Polardogclub. Here I drove Madsen and Imelda 2 x 30 km with a heavy load of 45 kg in the sled.

All together we actually did a lot of sledding this year, even we also had a coupple of accidents. Grizly slipped on wet ice and overstretced his shoulder, so he will not be able to work more in this season. Hopefully he will have a strong come-back in october.
We participated in both Fäboddraget and Beaver Trap Trail. Both events is focused on middlelong distances. In Fäboddraget we drove Madsen and Imelda 2 X 30 km and on Beaver Trap Trail we drove 46 km thursday, slept in our tent until we drove the dogs home saturday on another track, that was 39 km. Theese two dogs has realy proven themselves as true sleddogs this season. Hopefully Madsens son Silver, will be part of the team on theese two events next year.

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2 photos of  dogteam: Imelda, Dizzy and Grizly


Madsen teaching his son; Silver how to work in a harness

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