Autumn and winther 2009-2010

This year we maneged to get the foundation of a new team of four dogs; Mackinaw masterbrew, Uyak Kalamals Arapaho Anna, Mihakias Eagleeyed Imelda and Mihakias Fender Chrome Silver. We train our dogs in front of both bicycle, cart and dogsledge, and I use them as runningpartners as well.
It looks like the four of them are going to be great together. So far they can all go as leaddogs, -and they are all good and hard working dogs. We have tested them in Nordic Open in Åsarna, came in #2, did 10 on 38 min and 34 sek. We also participated in Beavertrap Trail again in the tourclass. This year we drove a team of 4 dogs, and the total milage on the 3 days were 105 km.

The of january we had a small gathering of sleddogentusiasts in the area of Northern Jämtland. The only kind of sleddog, that wasn't here, was the samojede. We started the day with coffee and homemade bread in our kitchen. When we all were ready, we took a ride together out on the new trail, we had been preparing for the past couple of weeks.
This year we had made 15 km wellgroomed trail directly from our doorstep. (-next year we will try to make it 30 km). The weather was rather cold, but for polardogs and their humans, cold weather is not usually a problem. We had about minus 25 to minus 30 degrees celcius. Thanks a lot for all You people, who has been visiting us with Your dogs that day and the following weekend(s) this winther. Click here to see photos from that day and other days with friends on the trail.

Photos of our dogs and us from the season 2009 - 2010





Nordic Open in Åsarna     






Our camp at Beavertrap Trail in the beautyfull Saxvattnet. Unfortunately the weather could have been better.


BTT 2010


April - end of the wintherseason. Now starts the "MUDD-SEASON"