Sledding with friends

Harriet and her greenlanddogs


Pernilla Persson


Pernilla Persson left and me at the right


Me again driving Madsen, Imelda and Silver


Gunilla driving her crazy team of alaskans


Malin Aspås


Malin Aspås


Harriet and Håkan at the left, at the right is Sofie and Chili and Celcius


Our friend from Denmark; Stefan driving Nadsen and Imelda


Sören driving the "Fox" left, right a view from a part of the trail


Left is Gunnar Pamuk skiing, rigth: me with a team of Madsen, Anna and Silver


Our dear friend, with whom we trust the life of ALL our animals (partly because she can handle being married to Gunnar -and partly because she a damned good veterinarian Anna Waldensten Pamuk walking their dogs.

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