Mihakias Eagleeyed Sultan Of Swing

Soki lives in Tromsö, Norway  with Halvar Oppervold. He is a BIIG boy on 72 cm. Very muscular but not too heavy. As a matter of fact he is actually running daily in Halvars team of 8 alaskan huskies! We are very proud of his abillities as a workingdog. He dosn't need a workingdogtitle at all. Just looking at him in this dogteam tells us everything. Another thing with Soki is his abillity to go along with almost every other dog, male or female.

He and his "dad" visited us for two days in july 2009. Here are the photos of the charming big red boy from the far north. Though he is in his summercoat, he is still mighty impressive.




Soki in his alaskan-husky dogteam, he behaves like the huskies; WE WANT TO RUN!
Photo: Halvar Oppervold

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