Varanger juli 2007

In late june and premium july we took a tree week photo-vacation to the far north of the European continent. Since we are both birdwatchers and naturephotografers, it has always been a dream to make this journey. Along we us we had two friends, who were even more bird-maniac than we were; Henrik Lager from Nynäshamn near Stockholm and Evy Liljedahl from Kaskeluokte in Lapland.

We all had a fantastic trip and amazingly good luck with the weather. Only a coupple of days it was storming and raining, as it often do in this area. The rest of the time we had clear blue sky, no wind and app. 25 degrees celcius. Henrik and his son at 11 who was the last of the members of our expedition even enjoyed a (quick) swim in the Barrent sea.

One of the great things to experience in this area was the small island: Hornoya, wich is the most eastern located point in Norway. Here the climatezone is arctic and the birdlife is fantastic. More than 400 000 pairs of Puffins are nesting on the cliffs side by side with other seabirds.

The old road to Hamningberg is another thing, that is worth a visit. Hamningberg was one of the only places in this area, that was not totally destroyed during the world war II.

On the following pages You can see some of the many photos we made of both birds and the very special nature they live in. All the photos have been taken by Kirsten Poulsen with Nikon D80 + Nikkor AFS VR 70-200. To see more of Alex's photos please visit his homepage at

The road to Hamningberg passes through some very rough terrain


The road to Hamningberg


One of the only places, that were not destroyed under the war is Hamningberg. Therefor many old houses can still be seen here.


Plants normally seen high up in the mountains grow here right down to the shoreline due to northern location.


The reindeers were walking even dawn to the rocky coast of the Varanger peninsula


Spectacular clouds along the road to Syltefjorden


Midnighthour Syltefjorden


The birdkolonies of the small peninsula  Ekeroy


Everywere sheeps were to be found as a part of the ladscape


A close view over the cliffs at Ekeroy


Seabirds nesting at the same cliffs seen from below


Night at Vardö


The mighty Nordkapp-cliff, 70-200 mm is not the best lense,
but that was what I had on the camera that day.


Birdwatching-paradise Varanger