About us...

The kennel
Kennel Mihakias is owned by Kirsten and Alex Poulsen. The kennel was founded, when Kirsten in 1996 bought her first alaskan malamute, Czariks Ashanti, who became one of the topwinning bitches in Scandinavia. When Ashanti died, she held 12 titles, and had become the foundationbitch of kennel Mihakias. We primary work with american lines, and we try to maintain a breedingprogramme, wich includes a certain ammount of blood from the old lines behind the great Uyak-dogs.
We have had the good fortune to have found good homes for our puppies in many countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy and USA.
We do not have litters very often, only when it is nesecary regarding to our breedingplans or when we need to add a dog to our dogteam.
We use our mals for sledding, skijorring, carting, as runningpartners, hunting and bloodtracking and as showdogs.
Our puppies only goes to mature and physsically active people who can give our puppies a good life in a loving family. Our puppies do not go to people who lives in flats, as we belive a malamute should have a life, were it has the possibillyties of being both indoors and outside in a garden with a fenched area.

The artist
Besides being a "dog-maniac", Kirsten is a teacher on "Grevåker Skolan" in math and art. From time to time she has also shown her own paintings an drawings on different exibitions. For the time being it is mostly portraits of dogs and birds, that are interesting to her. If You click here, You can see examples of her work.

The guitarplaying photographer
Alex is a rather "new" malamuteowner. When we met, he got the dogs "on the bargain". Rather fast he learned to love malamutes and drive the sled, and all the dogs love him too. Alex is a photografer with nature and birds as his favorite motive. Have a look at his own homepage: www.alexpoulsen.com 
Besides being a photografer, he is VERY good at guitarplaying,  he once played in a small band in Denmark. Alex is a teacher in fysichs, and he teaches at the same school as Kirsten. Alex brought a new dogbreed into the kennel. His little dachshound, Laika,  was allways convinced about that she was the real star amongst the dogs. To see this member and mascot of kennel Mihakias, click here.

Hiking, hunting and fishing
We are both very facinated of the nature around us, and we spend a lot of time birdwatching. Hiking on photosafaries in the mountains is one of our favorites in the summertime. We also do a lot fishing in the nearby lakes. The water is crystalclear, and large pikes and trouts are waiting under the surface. In the autumn it is a must for us to got hunting for the scandinavian moose, and in the beautyfull snowy lanscapes during the long winther, sledding is almost all we do.

Click here to see more of our daily activities besides spending time with the dogs.