NM in Åsarna, photografer Louis Liljedahl, kennel Mackinaw

Our primary goal, when we are sledding with our dogs, is the experience of beeing together with our dogs in the wild nature, -to maintain the fysical health of our malamutes, and hopefully once in a while beeing able to participate in dogsled-competitions. It is our intention to make as many of our malamutes pass the swedish workingdogtest as possible. So far tree of our dogs has passed the test on two times 30 km:

CH. Czariks Ashanti, who was the mother of "Ajax" and the foundation of our kennel. Unfortunately she died from cancer in 2004.
CH. Mackinaws Cosmic Connection (Jabba), who was the father of "Madsen". Oktober 2005 Jabba was put to sleep because of a serious kneedamage. Jabba was the perfekt leaddog, we miss him so much.
Mihakias Millenium Aja´s Girl Ajax, the mother of Dizzy and still going strong.

Depending on the devellopment and matureness of our puppies we start training our puppies from 6-10 month of age. In the beginning we run with them to make them learn left and rigth, stop and forward. Later on they get to run beside the other dogs, when we sled. In the early summer and autum we use a mountainbike and a cart. Depeding on the weather and our work at the school, we can train our dogs 2-4 times a week. On the following pages You can follow our dogs "doing the job". Just click at the link, You wish to see photos from.

Fäboddraget 2001-2002    NM i Åsarna 2003   "Bootcamp" Storskarvet 2003    "Bootcamp" Öjvassla 2004

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